“Stream of Literature” by Taylor at her dining room table

Writing Date: Saturday, February 25, 2017
Writing Time: 11:33am
Timed Writing: 5 minutes (no edits!)
The quote is a “writing dip” selected from a gorgeous, old chart of literature a good friend gave me to put up on my wall.

Image from: http://www.absolutearts.com

“Stay with me now,” Mandy whispered at my forehead while I wheezed in her arms.

“Where am I going? You’ve got a pretty tight grip on me.”

She licked my forehead like a wet stream of literature and then pinched the flabby part of my arm. It hurt all the way through my spine to laugh but it meant Mandy could relax so I did. She sat back on the couch beside me.

She didn’t sign up to be my nurse or worse my mother when we first started going out and I hated how she felt she needed to take on those roles now. Sometimes I fantasized about breaking up with her to see the relief in her eyes. But the truth is I do need her and I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if she finally realized she was wasting good years on my eventual demise.

“I booked us in for a massage later,” she said getting up to make us some toast.

“You going too?” She never came in with me to treatments. I think she’s worried she’ll see me as just a patient that way.

“Well those benefits of yours might as well benefit me too while they’re at it.”

She put the pieces of bread in the toaster one piece at a time, and I wiped the wet slime from her tongue off my forehead.

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