“Mini Volcanoes” by Taylor at her dining room table

This is in response to Julia Pileggi’s post on Thursday at These Five Minutes
Writing Date: Friday February 24, 2017
Writing Time: 8:40am
Timed Writing: 5 minutes (no edits!)
The quote is a “writing dip” selected from the Ocean Village Activity Book

Image retrieved from: http://www.thehawaiiplan.com/is-the-lava-rock-curse-real/

Later we would climb to the top of the mound of cold molten rock, but through the window of the small 5-seater plane I could see how the Earth’s colour shifted beneath me from the green of tropic tree tops, their brightness magnified by the recent rain, to the black of old destruction. The heat from the mother volcano’s red lava frozen by our atmosphere into dark rocks that cut and landed like mars.

“I thought the beauty of this place would be in its starkness, its remoteness,” you said to me and I laughed at you.

“You thought a tropical country would be stark?”

“It looks too much like home to me,” you clarified, so when we climbed out of the plane onto the otherworldly rock, I was upset that you were thinking of our bed, our life at home instead of being here, being able to be in the new with me now.

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