[one act play – thriller]

One of three winners of Flush Ink’s 22 Hour Writing Contest

Presented at Flush Ink’s Unhinged Fest December 2022.

Returning to stage in Toronto summer 2023!

[short film – doc]

This short film about travel and improvisation was shot in Ireland and Iceland spring 2022.

Commissioned by and presented at Improvisation Festival 2022 by the International Centre for Improvisation.

[short film – doc]

A short film about reimagining the community you live in created in Cambridge, Ontario, spring 2021.

Commissioned by and presented at Improvisation Festival 2021 by the International Centre for Improvisation.

[digital theatre – drama]

Performed by University of Guelph College of Arts Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Presented at Kitchen Table Talk to Global Forum, Rural Women Studies Association 14th Triennial Conference

Sponsored by University of Guelph School of English and Theatre Studies & College of Agriculture Alumni

BURN CLUB by Joel Buxton
[digital theatre – comedy]

Created as part of Assembly Theatre’s Operation 24 where 1 writer, 1 director, and 4 actors have 24 hours to create, rehearse, and present a brand new play!

Cast: Jonah Hundert, Jarrod Clegg, Lindsey Middleton, and Veronika Gribanova

[site-specific play – indie comedy]

Produced at 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival

“[White Wedding by Taylor Marie Graham] is a site specific piece that used its space to its advantage . . . The show used the space spectacularly and incorporated a well-conceived explanation for why the wedding was happening here into the script. With the actors constantly flowing in and out of stairwells and music playing faintly in the background, it really felt like you were on the outskirts of a wedding reception.” – Jackie Mahoney, Mooney on Theatre

THIS IS NOT SHE by Julia Haist
[one woman play – drama]

Produced at 2017 Montreal and Toronto Fringe Festivals

My Entertainment World 2017 Critics’ Pick Award Nominee: Best Solo Performance

“The sure hand of director and dramaturg Taylor Marie Graham is evident in the best possible way as this builds but doesn’t crest.” – Bergman, Mooney on Theatre

[television show – late night comedy]

Two Seasons on Rogers Television
17 episodes in total

Featuring Toronto’s best up-and-coming comedians Georgea Brooks, Joel Buxton, Eric Andrews, Stef Tolev, Stacey McGunnigle, DJ Demers, etc.

SIX & EIGHT by Roselyn Kelada-Sedra
[theatre/dance production – drama]

Performed by Roselyn Kelada-Sedra & Kaleb Alexander

Incorporating swing dance as another means of communication, this two hander pushes against the boundaries of trust and affection.

Produced by b current first at rock.paper.sisterz festival & then at afterRock festival at the Daniel Spectrum Theatre

WEEPING SALSA by Vladimir Jon Cubrt
[theatre/dance production – drama]

Performed by Donna Christo and Vladimir Jon Cubrt

“The dancing was fantastic . . . exudes heartbreak, pain and suffering through a masterful combination of drama and dance” – Toronto Dance Salsa

“The Weeping Salsa is a brave show, part theatre and part dance. The story depicts a very sick relationship between Latin dance partners . . . two very engrossing character studies.” – Paula Citron

ORPHA & BEATRICE by Clair F Muir
[one act play – fairy tale comedy]

A mix of humans and puppets puts a modern twist on this romantic fairy tale.

Part of the New Ideas Festival at Alumnae Theatre.

Performed by Nicole Ratjen & Daniel Sadavoy

[touring theatre production – drama]

Play by George F Walker
Directed by Mirek Polatynski
Assistant Directed by Taylor Marie Graham

Fall 2008: The Theatre Centre, Toronto

European Tour 05-10-2008 to 29-10-2008: CZESTOCHOWA: International Theatre Festival “Through the Touch”, Opole, Lernica, Wroclaw, & Vienna

Winter 2009: Living Arts Centre, Mississauga.

[theatre production – comedy]

2008 Toronto Fringe Production

Cast: Natalie Kulesza, Sasha Singer-Wilson, Bridgette Tobin, Jennifer Dysart, and Elaine Steele


  • MODULES: Design Dramaturgy Workshop with Beth Kates, Blyth Festival Theatre
  • Directors Lab North 2019 Workshops/Talks: Richard Rose, Joanna Falck, Jill Carter, Erin Brubacher, Ronnie Burkett, Nicole Brooks, Lezlie Wade, Stafford Arima, David Yee, Allyson McMackon, Kim Collier, Daniel Brooks, and others
  • Master Class: Directing for Opera with Robert Carsen
  • Master Class: Directing Large Stages with Atom Egoyan
  • Master Class: Musicality and Performance with Patrice Naiumbana and Surahata Susso
  • Master Class: Hip Hop Performance with Will Power
  • Master Class: Directing for the Stage with Richard Rose, Tarragon Theatre
  • Master Class: Devised Theatre, Theatre Gargantua
  • University Course: Directing with David Rotenberg, York University