Taylor loves working with students to help them achieve their academic and creative goals! She has taught English / Theatre / Creative Writing in community and academic settings for the last eight years. Institutions include Western University, University of Waterloo, University of Guelph, Sheridan College, Humber College, and Artscape Youngplace.

Past course topics include playwrighting, creative writing, Canadian theatre history, introduction to theatre, post-pandemic theatre, modern literature, the graphic novel, Greek mythology, detective fiction, folk and fairy tales, life writing, introduction to the short story, plus communication and rhetoric classes.

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Student Testimonials

“I was a student in Professor Taylor Graham’s Literature in History class, ENGL*3960. I had such a wonderful time, and gained so much knowledge and insight. Professor Graham seamlessly blended education, thoughtfulness, warmth, and interactivity to make her class a positive experience. I felt appreciated and welcomed not only as a student, but as a person with individual needs, interests, and personality traits . . . As well, she had us connect with our classmates through various de-stressing activities and meditation sessions, as well as some virtual reality-based class time. This made coming to class so much fun, and made it a lot easier to want to speak up and participate. Professor Graham is a wonderful person and an exceptional leader.” – English Student, University of Guelph

“Taylor consistently demonstrated her skill and compassion as an educator throughout the course, and developed a welcoming and fruitful class community. I was incredibly impressed by Taylor’s adept structuring of the course. A variety of assessments created opportunities for students to engage with the course to elevate understanding of its content, as well as allowing for students to take initiative in creation . . . Taylor demonstrated an impressive depth of knowledge in presenting course content, applying her expertise and research to the Canadian theatre studied in class. She was incredibly prepared for any questions from students, and when we as students engaged with course material independently in commonplace journals, Taylor provided amazingly helpful feedback and resources when students had any questions or hoped to pursue any class content further. Importantly, Taylor also demonstrated compassion and humility in instructing the course . . . Taylor created space to engage in crucial discourse and allow for important learning and development. Overall, learning under Taylor’s instruction was incredibly rewarding and enriching . . . Taylor’s wonderful combination of support and encouragement to pursue projects out of my comfort zone developed me as an English student and more broadly as an academic.” – Art History & English Student, University of Guelph

“An excellent instructor . . . In the classroom Taylor was always making sure as many students were engaged as possible. It can be easy to let a few motivated students move the discussion along but Taylor made sure as many students as possible were activated. I have taken 10 courses at Sheridan and Taylor’s remains the class with the highest student participation I’ve had.” – Practical Nursing Student, Sheridan College

“Though an online course due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Taylor was able to bypass the difficulties of digital learning and ensure a thorough and well-rounded course for her students. We covered a variety of topics through different media including group discussions, presentations, experiments, and individual research. Taylor created a very open and honest space for us to discuss our own opinions without fear of judgment, which is not always easy to find, or create. Multiple students expressed their excitement to come to this class, participate with each other, and broaden their perspectives . . . Taylor genuinely cares about what she is teaching and cares even more about her students, as was evident by her checking in with each of us as a group and also individually throughout the semester. Getting to experience a class taught by Taylor Graham was an honour and a highlight of my Undergraduate career.” – Theatre & Creative Writing Student, University of Guelph

“I highly recommend Taylor Graham as a teacher . . . I had my concerns about learning because of language and cultural barriers (since I am an international student), but as soon as I started having classes with her they were all gone . . . Not only her teaching method is efficient, but also her connection with the students. She is approachable, friendly, and she is always concerned about our well-being . . . I recommend Taylor without reservation.” – Architectural Technology Student, Sheridan College

“Having had the pleasure of working with Taylor Graham inside and outside of the classroom, I can genuinely say the she is one of the most caring and passionate professors I’ve had. Whether it is teaching the history of short stories or directing her very own theatre productions, she really puts her heart into everything she does and makes it a priority to give everyone the best experience possible. I was a student in her History of the Short Story class. It was a bright and early, eight AM class and to be honest, I wasn’t too excited about going to. Right from the very first day, Taylor did an excellent job of making the old stories interesting by engaging the class in discussions. For such an early class, everyone was very eager to participate and contribute to the conversations. I’ve never had such a lively eight AM class. Taylor created an enjoyable and non-judgmental space where everyone could partake in the conversations. This really helped me understand the material better as I was able to make connections for myself. She turned a class that I originally did not know if I would enjoy, into a class I looked forward to attending. Taylor really cares about the students in her classes and takes extra care to make sure everyone is getting what they need to do their best . . . Taylor is an excellent professor that really helped to make my semester great and I thoroughly enjoyed being in her class.” – Film and Television Student, Sheridan College

“I had the pleasure of being one of Taylor’s students. . . From the start of the course, Taylor demonstrated exceptional consideration toward her students and their feedback . . . She taught us material in a refreshing way . . . She was fair and accommodating in any extenuating circumstances . . . Taylor made the classroom environment one that felt like a community, fostering connection between me and my peers through the class material and discussion. She was always professional, but also approachable, toward her students. I always looked forward to coming to Taylor’s class, as she prioritized activities which were simultaneously educational, but also fostered good mental health – especially in the midst of stressful times that the pandemic presented us with . . . Taylor consistently amplifies diverse voices through the works we examined in the course and creates a safe space in her classroom for all.” – Theatre Student, Western University

As this was my first time back to in-person learning since the pandemic, I was nervous to be in a classroom setting surrounded by others. I felt like I had forgotten how to learn in person, however, Taylor created a space for learning that was welcoming, inclusive, comfortable, and above all, exciting. . . . Every assignment we completed in this course was met with thorough, constructive feedback that both highlighted things we were doing well and the next steps to take our work even further. That is something I personally appreciated, was Taylor’s personal mark she leaves with each one of her students. She took the time to get to know each of our learning styles and made sure to consistently check in with assignment progress. Often times in university, it is hard to develop connections with professors, which makes it difficult to find your voice in the classroom. Taylor’s classroom was the first university course I have taken in which I felt like an important contribution to the class rather than just a student number. It is clear that Taylor has a love for teaching and the content she is teaching while doing it. It is also clear that she has an appreciation for those in her classroom, and cares about our academic journeys.” – Sociology and Theatre Student, Western University