Feb 13, 2016 – Kawartha Cabin

The dog licking his paws cold from the snow

tucked in next to him on the bottom bunk

reading his Rolling Stone 90s edition

a reprint of past articles zeroing in on that nostalgia factor

Britney Spears, Tupac Shakur, Red Hot Chili Peppers, & Nirvana of course

Bill Callahan playing from the dying ipod speakers

filling the Kawartha Cabin our retreat

3 nights, 4 days

On the way here three cars in the ditch.

A woman in a fur coat sitting in an impala smashes through a wire fence

The tow truck scratching its head as to how to retrieve her.

Another car facing the other way as confused as we are

as to how it got that way.

A third, an orange SUV, head first in snow.

If it had cartoon legs, they would be kicking up in the the air.

We pick a few wrong lane ways first.

He shrugged walking up to a small church

recently renovated to house a small family.

Everyone: dogs, humans, cats pile out pointing behind

to the farm with many horses and one pony

an impulse buy we’re told later by Yvonne and Glen

our airBnB landlords for the weekend.

The horses follow our every move as we step outside the car

Our pup pretending to be brave

Their long faces, their hard hooves

A growl full of hot air.

The cabin at the back of the property.

Quiet & hot from the wood stove

Oil lamps soon in need to be lit

Dark coming up on us

Unpacking, rummaging, organizing, dinner, bed – early

That stiff feeling all around

Air real

able to take up space

Reminding our city necks how to inhale

And I wake up cold

It’s country dark in here – like when I was ten.

His survival skills tested as he brings the fire back to full force

The dog finds that warm spot against the back of my knees

I miss being in a room this dark I hear him thinking.

Both country kids, albeit different parts of the world

Toronto residents now where the work is

The cabin’s bottom bunk full

with man, woman, and dog.


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