Cottage Radio

A three act play – with live indie music – inspired by the 2011 Goderich tornado

Playwright: Taylor Marie Graham
Musical Arranger: Jonas Bonnetta

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The Marley clan crams together in their family cottage just outside Goderich, Ontario in the aftermath of an F3 tornado. This is the first time all of these weirdos have been in the same room since the death of their mother some years before. Over the course of three days, the family deals with losses both material and emotional, both in the past and the present. The play is often structured through a radio show that is broadcast to the town of Goderich from the cottage living room. The people of Goderich call into this radio program to tell their stories relating to the Goderich tornado adding another layer addressing questions of home.

Productions and Readings:
Nov 2015 – Alumnae Theatre’s “Fireworks Festival”
Aug 2014 – Goderich Livery
Mar 2014 – Alumnae Theatre’s “New Ideas Festival” (Reading)
Aug 2013 – Steady Stage Theatre Project’s “Script Scrap Festival” (Reading)

Reviews & Media:
“Cottage Radio is a dynamic, complex, and very funny play with fabulous music set in beautiful and historic Goderich. Taylor Graham has written such rich and delicious characters, people who are familiar and yet presented in an utterly unique way. I am thrilled to see such a powerful play set in small town Ontario – true Canadiana, and yet, universal!” – Judith Thompson

Taylor has brought to life a small community reeling from a catastrophic event with good humour, warmth, and intelligence.” – Andrea Romaldi

“Saw ‘Cottage Radio’ Sunday night with a deeply enthusiastic audience. As a former columnist and arts critic for The San Francisco Chronicle, I’ve often been surprised by major talent in unexpected places, and “Cottage Radio” stands out as a vivid, dramatic, intensely well-acted, searingly written, boldly realized collaboration of playwright, composer, director, cast, and crew. A major emotional and theatrical production on an appealingly personal subject staged in a lovely, historic building. Congratulations to the Collective. A significant accomplishment!” – Bill Mandel

“Alumnae Theatre’s New Ideas Festival: A Stepping Stone in the Playwright’s Journey” by Carolyn Zapf
“Marking Three Year Anniversary of Goderich tornado” CTV London
“Tune Into Cottage Radio” Goderich Signal Star
“Story of Goderich tornado coming to the stage” CTV London

CBC Radio Interview:
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Fireworks Festival Cottage Radio Trailer:

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