Frog Song
Librettist: Taylor Marie Graham
Composer: William Rowson

An Opera for Children, Frog Song follows Navdeep and Wyatt as they chart their way through the loss of a parent, peer-pressure, and female empowerment — all toward finding their true voice. A giant wall of frogs and a mythic skeletal bird add to the magic in this modern-day fairy tale.

Upcoming Workshop Performance at IMPACT’19 Sept 28th & 29th, 2019: https://mtspace.ca/productions/frog-song-an-opera-for-children/

The Virgin Charlie
Librettist: Taylor Marie Graham
Composer: William Rowson

A dark comedy in retro musical theatre form: Charlie regularly performs a musical drag act as The Virgin Mary. Feeling under the weather for some time, Charlie receives a visitor in his dressing room. It is the real Mary, Mother of God, and she is here to deliver a message!

Nominated: Dora Mavor Moore Award for Best New Opera / Musical 2009

“A charmingly twisted tale of a drag singer being told by the Virgin Mary that he / she is the bearer of the Second Coming… All hail new opera!” – John Terauds,The Toronto Star

“Props to Comic Opera… The most successful of the comedies… skillfully blends dramatic and musical tones… delivering notes of comedy, irony and real feeling.”  – Jon Kaplan, Now Magazine

Maggie’s Sunflowers
Librettist: Taylor Marie Graham
Composer: Stephen Taylor

What happens when Katie doesn’t attend her brother’s funeral? Step into her sister-in’law’s garden to find out. Careful, the sunflowers aren’t what they seem . . .