The Weeping Salsa

A play infused with latin-style partner dancing weaving between the past and present of a very tumultuous relationship

Playwright: Vladimir Jon Cubrt
Director: Taylor Marie Graham
Choreography: Caryl Cuizon & Angus Dirnbeck


A story about love, trust and the physical and psychological wars we wage on each other and our selves, The Weeping Salsa artfully blends dance and drama into an electrifying and totally original new stage production.

Nov 2009 – Zocalo Toronto, The Theatre Centre

“Successfully transitions from drama to Latin dance with routines that track the instances of their volatile relationship like a ticking time bomb . . . Cubrt reveals the dark side of love, and however cliche that may sound, it’s presented through raw and honest emotion . . . As a voyeur within a small, intimate theatre, you might find yourself holding your breath while the intense contemplations and arguments ensue. And, following this long, obsessive struggle, the drama ends without a sense of closure. Instead, we’re left considering how easily love can veer towards the twisted, violent and disturbing.” – Kate Doyle, Eye Weekly

“Tears of joy for the weeping salsa . . . an amazingly woven piece of art.” – The Strand

“The Weeping Salsa is a brave show . . . The choreography by Caryl Cuizon and Angus Dirnbeck is absolutely terrific . . . serves up two very engrossing character studies.” -Paula Citron, 96.3 Classical FM

“A poignant and racy stage production” –

“The acting, dancing and production were phenomenal, making the Weeping Salsa a great event for the salsa lover . . . Great dance is founded in smooth transitions and the Weeping Salsa has some of the most impressive transitions that I’ve seen. From the way the story effortlessly flashes back and forwards through time, uses minimal props for maximum effectiveness and intertwines drama and dance (without that surreal ‘musical’ vibe); this show is quite powerful . . . I highly recommend the Weeping Salsa.” – Toronto Dance Salsa